Ft. Dorchester RB: Short on stature, big on talent

Charles Loftland (WCIV)

By Scott

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charles Loftland looks like a boy among men, but he plays the game of football like a man among boys.

"I'm 5 foot 5" says the tiny Fort Dorchester running back.

When pressured a bit more about his height, he admits,"alright, I'm 5 foot 4" Loftland says with a chuckle.

Loftland may be short in stature but he plays the game anything but small. His yardage is big and so are the numbers he is putting up- just ask West Ashley High School, the team Loftland tormented for three touchdowns on Friday night.

Off the field, Loftland has another passion.

"Video games, I'm a big video gamer. I like to zip around like Barry Sanders on the video game."

Loftland is not too far-fetched in saying that. He resembles a young Barry Sanders and his game certainly mirrors the Detroit Lions great. His cuts are precise and he's quite elusive and tough to take down.

He's not even afraid to get in there with the big guys and block when asked to.

"It doesn't scare me. Gives me an advantage. They are tall, I am short so it is an advantage for me. I don't let it hinder me. People doubt my skills but oh well, you see it on Friday nights" says the Fort Dorchester senior.

Loftland's size may prevent him from being recruited by big time schools, but he says he has a backup plan. With his vocal skills and bright personality, he'd like to go to college and major in business.

As soon as he peeks out from the forest of giants in front of Charles Loftland, don't even think of trying to wrap him up or pull him down.

"It's surprising, it's like seeing sunshine, rays of light" says Loftland. He's living in the land of giants, a tall order for Charles Loftland but he's beating everybody to the goal line.