Fundraiser pushes for crosswalk over busy Crosstown intersection

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Lindsey Ranz was just 21 years old when she was hit and killed by a car on the Crosstown near Coming Street in January.

On Friday, her family held a fundraiser in her name, a day after she would have turned 22. Instead of planning a party, her family and friends gathered to remember and raise awareness to a deadly Charleston intersection.

Flowers still mark the spot on the Crosstown where Lindsey Ranz lost her life. Since then, her family has worked to change the intersection.

"We have to make our streets safer, we have to make our intersections safer for pedestrians, cyclist and joggers. Lindsey was jogging," said her mother, Lynnette Ranz.

Lynnette and Lauren Ranz, Lindsey's sister, are now on a crusade. Friday night marked the first of many fundraisers for their nonprofit group, the Lindsey Taylor Ranz Foundation.

"Ultimately we would like to put an overpass at Sumter and Coming avenue," said Lynnette Ranz.

The event was a mix of strangers just wanting to help and old friends there for support.

"I feel sad because I haven't seen them in years, and it's sad we are gathering around now but it's for the better," said Jeremy Hutson.

"Its' a great cause and it's definately something that needs to be looked at. I believe this has happened not one, not two, but three times," said Aldo Napoli.

Lindsey Ranz's death and Friday night's fundraiser drew the attention of state Rep. Wendell Gilliard.

"I did the research and found out that it is a dangerous crosswalk area. We can not stand by idly," he said.

But until a pedestrian overpass is built, Lindsey Ranz's family and Gilliard will continue their fight for safer streets -- in honor of a friend, sister and daughter.

"Lindsey was always that person to life them up and show them kindness and love. The world is not a better place; I'm missing her. She was abeautifull person," said Lynnette Ranz.

On Tuesday, legislators at the state Department of Transportation approved a study to determine the need for an overpass where Lindsey Ranz died.