G-MEN launch domestic violence safety campaign

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) - Georgetown COunty's sheriff is recruiting men to help him combat domestic violence by joining the sheriff's group, Georgetown Men Endorsing Nonviolence.

Sheriff Lane Cribb will host a fish fry and barbecue at Greenfield Plantation on March 24 from 1-4 p.m. The cook-out is the kick-off event to Cribb's 2013 Safety Now campaign.

Cribb's goal is to recruit 500 men to the G-MEN group and raise $50,000 to help victims of domestic violence.

All of the proceeds raised at the fish fry will go to the Family Justice Center's safe house for the county's domestic violence victims. The safe house is expected to open this month.

"I've noticed it's always been mostly women stepping up, trying to curb domestic violence and I think it's time we get men to step up and help out," Cribb said.

It's not just spouses and domestic partners who suffer, he added.

"There are so many kids abused we don't hear about until it's too late," Cribb said. "I want people to realize it does go on and the pictures you see of abused children are real."

For more information about G-MEN or information about the Family Justice Center, call Donna Moeller at (843) 436-6066. To become a member of G-MEN online, visit, or send a check payable to FJC/G-Men to P.O. Box 366, Georgetown, S.C. 29442.

Memberships will also be accepted at the gate on the day of the event.