Gamecocks assistant has running backs ready for Wisconsin

ORLANDO, Fla. (WCIV) -- Orlando is known for Disney attraction, but this week it's the destination for Gamecock football. A big part of the reason the Gamecocks are in a bowl game is because of their running game. And there's a coach for that.{}

Everette Sands and his running backs have been soaking in the experience of Orlando during as the team prepares for a bowl game against Wisconsin.{}

"Right now, I'm in a blessed situation. Our oldest running back is a red shirt sophomore. Brandon Wilds, Mike Davis, Shon Carson: We've got a good core of running backs and I look forward to developing those guys, and seeing who is the running back of the future," said Sands.

That clarity and vision is what keeps Sands in Columbia and with the University of South Carolina.{}

After Kevin Higgins announced he was leaving The Citadel, Sands' name came up early as a good fit for that role in Charleston, but The Sandman will keep his feet buried deep in Columbia.{}

"I've never been directly contacted by The Citadel, but I don't think it's the right time. It's my alma mater; I love The Citadel and one day I'd love to be the head coach of The Citadel," Sands said. "Right now, I've got a real good thing, a good group, I like working for Coach Spurrier. I look for big things in the future."

This is not Sands' first run-in with Wisconsin. As a Citadel assistant, the Bulldogs traveled north in 2007 and almost upset the Badgers.

"It was a good game, especially the first half. Things happened; we turned it over early in the second half. That helped them relax and they pulled away. It was a good experience. They played hard. The running backs had big plays," he said. "Look for big plays in this game as well."

All the Gamecocks have to do is follow his lead.

"We're good. I've been with them a lot. They know what I expect and I know what they expect," Sands said.

The Citadel can wait. Sands is a Gamecock through and through for now, and the future looks bright for years to come, but especially heading into New Year's Day.

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