GE releases statement after Saturday mishap at Charleston International Airport

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The National Transportation Safety Board continues to investigate a Boeing 787 engine issue that may have sparked a grass fire Saturday at Charleston International Airport.

The engine was made by General Electric and they released this statement today.

"GE Aviation continues to work with the NTSB and Boeing to determine the cause of Saturday's incident during a ground test run in Charleston on a newly built 787. GE is working aggressively to move the engine involved in the incident to a GE facility for an investigative tear down.

About 80 GEnx engines are in service, and they have accumulated more than 125,000 flight hours.

GE continually monitors and analyzes the performance of the GEnx fleet in service, and we are not aware of operational issues that would affect the continued safe flight of aircraft powered by these engines."

The NTSB is investigating debris from the Boeing 787 that sparked a{}grass fire just off the runway.{}According to Becky Beaman with Charleston International, the{}airport shut down for{}an hour and ten minutes{}following the incident{}Saturday.{}

The runway at Charleston Airport is owned by the Air Force. ABC News 4 spoke with Major Pete Reddan at Joint Base Charleston Monday afternoon.{}

Reddan said the runway is commonly shut down every morning{}to sweep rocks and various items off the surface, but a situation like this is uncommon.

"To have a fire with foreign debris of a mechanical nature or metallic nature is very rare," he said.{}