Georgetown boat company cited by OSHA

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) - A Georgetown company was cited with 32 safety andhealth violations and $59,200 in proposed penalties after OSHA investigatorsinspected a complaint at the marina.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 28 of the violations at HazzardMarine were serious, warranting more than $58,000 in fines, including the employer's failure to develop and implement awritten respiratory protection program; identify and evaluate respiratoryhazards in the workplace; develop, implement or maintain a written hazardcommunication program; designate a competent person to perform inspections andtests, such as air sampling in a confined space; and ensure visual inspectionof spaces containing combustible or flammable liquids before workers' initialentry.

There were also four lesser violations that amounted to $400 in fines,including failing to have an air compressor with the glass cover over thepressure gauge, record workplace injuries and illnesses on OSHA's 300 log for2013, post signs that read "no smoking" in the paint spray area and have hot ortepid running water in the lavatory. An other-than-serious violation is onethat has a direct relationship to job safety and health, but probably would notcause death or serious physical harm.

"Our inspection found serious hazards thatreflect management's lack of knowledge of safety procedures," said DarleneFossum, OSHA's area director in Columbia."Employers are responsible for being aware of potential hazards andimplementing appropriate preventative measures to ensure a safe and healthfulworkplace."

{}Hazzard Marine has 15 days to respond to thecitations either by fixing them or filing for a contest hearing.

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