Georgetown church to honor accident victims on stage

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) - For the last two months, the congregation of Lighthouse of Jesus Christ Church has mourned the loss of three prominent church members. Thursday, the church announced a production in their honor.

On Nov. 14, Edith Jackson, 55, Angie Arthur, 45 and Melvira Johnson, 51 were killed in a fiery car crash while on their way back home from a revival.

"It's really taken a toll on the church family," said Bishop Dr. Floyd Knowlin, pastor of Lighthouse of Jesus Christ Church. "It's really detrimental to the church but, being a leader I've got to be the brave one to just ask God for strength every day and every hour."

Connie Jackson is the daughter of Edith Jackson. Connie says it took several weeks to fully wrap her head around what happened.

"It was just like boom, we heard my mom died. I cried but, I didn't fully let it out until about a month later when I was in church. And, then I realized that she was really gone," she said.

On Feb. 23, the church will host "God's Trombones," a performance of African American sermons.

The proceeds from ticket sales will help the church provide short term financial assistance for the victim's families.

"I feel like, this happened at Lighthouse for a reason, for us to be united, for us to even gather other people from the community," Connie Jackson said. "I asked the Lord for peace and strength every night and He has definitely given it to me."

Bishop Knowlin said the production will serve as a mechanism of healing for the congregation and community.

"It took me a whole month and a half to preach messages of healing," said Knowlin. "To kind of heal and console this congregation and even me."

For people like Connie, she says the event will be bittersweet.

"For people to come together and acknowledge what happened and show that they truly care for our church, as well as bishop and what we are going through, it's a really, really nice feeling."

Tickets are on sale at the below locations:

  • Blair's House of Beauty - 1808 Front Street Georgetown, 29440
  • Aunnie's Restaurant - 926 Front St Georgetown, SC 29440
  • Georgetown Cultural Council -- In the historic Clock Tower building on Front Street