Georgetown County files insurance claims to cover sinkhole damage

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) - Officials with Georgetown County say they have filed insurance claims to help pay for damage to several buildings caused by a sinkhole.

County staff and insurance inspectors have gone through six county buildings affected by the sinkhole and determined that most of the damage happened within the judicial center complex.

Now county officials say it's a waiting game as the insurance company makes recommendations for repair.

"Now we're waiting on that assessment. We're waiting for someone to tell us what the methodology is going to be to finish these repairs and get the buildings back up to their original standard," said Jackie Broach with Georgetown County.

As for the city, Georgetown County Mayor Jack Schoville says the water{}tower near City Hall does have deep voids underground which could present another sinkhole problem.

The city is waiting for engineers to determine if they can fix it or if they will need to build another water tower.

They mayor did say Friday that city officials recently found that City Hall itself has sustained some damage, but he could not say if it was related to the sinkhole.