Georgetown families use awareness to cope with epilepsy

By Valencia

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) - When 6 year old Harrison and 9 year old Hayden hit the playground, it's hard to tell either one of them was diagnosed with epilepsy.

Harrison Cameron and Hayden Williams both attend Kensington Elementary School in Georgetown.

Harrison had his first seizure two years ago, and Hayden had hers not long after.

"As a mom we're supposed to be able to kiss every boo boo and make it better," said Kim Cameron, Harrison's mom. "The fact that I can't fix it, it drives me crazy sometimes. Not only can I not fix it, but I don't fully understand it."

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by recurring seizures.

Marc Cameron, Harrison's dad said it's important to understand the different types of seizures.

"You see somebody that's laying on the floor shaking, the Hollywood seizure," he said. "And it's so much more than that."

Marc Cameron explained absence seizures can be just a simple stare, where focal seizures only attack certain parts of the brain and body.

"You really don't know what they are going through 'til you go through it yourself," he said.

When Harrison was diagnosed, Marc and Kim said they worried about their son's livelihood.

"We, as parents we were like, 'Well you know, we can't do this and we can't do this and we gotta stop this and we gotta sell that,'" said Marc Cameron. "It was like we hit a wall like we're going to tell our 4 year what he can't do? Why?"

Instead, Marc and Kim decided to teach their son to live life to the fullest, yet with precaution.

"He may have to wear a helmet in the outfield. He may have to wear a life jacket even though he knows how to swim. He may take showers instead of baths but he can do whatever he wants to do," said Kim.

Monday, twelve schools within Georgetown County participated in 'Wear Purple Day.'

Purple is the color for epilepsy awareness.

"Within a weeks time it was circulating within our district and through the county," Kim Cameron said. "We have friends who are wearing purple in Boston today. And we have friends who are wearing purple in Puerto Rico today."

Harrison's disorder is inoperable. He is a patient at MUSC and is trying out various medications to help with his epilepsy.

Hayden had surgery and has not had a seizue for 11 months.

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