Georgetown Fire: Reviving the brick

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) - Stacy Terry woke up bright and early on Wednesday and headed to his new found job at the site of the Front Street fire. Terry was hired by the owner of one of the burned buildings to pick through the debris and save antique brick.

"That mortar has been there for, since the 1800s and I'm cleaning it off," said Terry. "Basically trying to bring it back to its glory."

Eight hours a day, Terry cleans off worthy brick and stacks them on a wooden pallet.

"I'm looking at 500. That's my quota," said Terry. "I get to 500 then I know I've accomplished something."

Terry says there are several types of brick, which can be deciphered based on color. Black bricks are usually individually handmade, while reddish ones are usually factory made by bulk.

"Some of them are called ballast bricks," said Terry. "Average price of these bricks would be anywhere between $7 to $12 but, with the historical value it could even go higher than that."

Terry says the bricks were held together by a mix of sand and water, which makes them easy to break apart from the foundation.

"If it were put together with concrete, there is no way that I could, well I could clean it but, it would be very time consuming and back-breaking," said Terry.

Terry says each building was supported by three standing walls of brick between each structure.

"You'll never see anything like this again," Terry said. "You actually had a store at the bottom and two apartments on top. And, the apartments on top had two floors all supported by these bricks."

Terry says the building owner hopes to re-use the bricks in the faade of the new building.

"I will have a great joy and pride in knowing that I was a part of this," said Terry.

So far, Terry and another man have cleaned off more than a thousand bricks. {}

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