Georgetown mayor: Ready to pick an architect for 700 block

By Ava

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) The debris cleanup on Front Street is expected to take four days longer than planned, but the company tasked with cleaning the area says crews are more than halfway done.

Representatives for the removal company say it's taking longer than anticipated to process the trucks when they arrive at the landfill.


Dump trucks continue to move in an out of the 700 block of Front street in Georgetown.

"We're optimistic that all the debris will be removed by the end of this week, at least the debris from the property owners who had the asbestos otherwise," said Mayor Jack Scoville

He says the sooner the lot is cleared the faster a survey of the lot can be completed. Scoville says this Wednesday property owners, council members and other investors will meet to begin the task of picking an architect.

"We'll have public input with the property owners to come up with a conceptual plan for the renovation and restoration of the property," said Scoville. {}

Scoville says rebuilding it won't be an easy task. He says the buildings in the 700 block were grandfathered in as historical buildings, but were always in a flood zone.

Scoville says with present zoning and code changes, owners could be facing smaller lots.

"You can't go back and rebuild exactly like what you had before, because of elevation issues," said Scoville. {}

Scoville says the city does have a stake in what the new frontage will look like, so it plans to help property owners with rebuilding.{}

"Some tax incentives that the city can give to them and maybe some grants out there that we can come up with to help them rebuild," said Scoville. {}{}

He says the town has narrowed the field of architects and engineers fit for the job down to three.{}{}