Georgetown school board unanimously approves officers in schools plan

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Georgetown County School Board on Tuesday night unanimously approved the superintendent's plan to put armed officers in all of its elementary schools.{}

"We hope, number one, that it puts our parents at ease to let them know that we're doing everything feasible to make sure their kids are safe when they bring them to us," said Jim Dumm, chairman of the Georgetown County School Board.

Earlier this week, Superintendent Randy Dozier said he was seeking approval from the board to put officers in each elementary school.{}

"There are very few things that worry me or keep me up but the safety of our students, safety of our employees, safety of our parents, ultimately really cause me a lot of concern and I want to do everything we could," said Randy Dozier, the Georgetown County Superintendent.

The school district currently has eight full-time officers, but would use 11{}off-duty officers to help staff the other schools.

"These aren't technically school resource officers because they are actually assigned to patrol duty or investigative duties, they are supplementing security at the school," said Capt. Nelson Brown with the{}Georgetown Police Department.

The officers would work on their days off and would get paid by the school district for their time. Their compensation would cost the school board about $150,000. The money would come out of the board's reserves.

Stephanie Stuckey, who is an elementary school{}principal says parents and teachers are excited for the interaction.

"We have welcomed it. The parents have welcomed it," said Stuckey. "They really feel more at ease from the comments they've made to me. And, the officers even like it. They're really interested in building that relationship with the students because they are a part of the community as well.

This officers will monitor the elementary schools throughout the end of the 2012-2013 school year. Dozier hopes to implement a similar plan for years to come.