Mother of 2 finds way to get fit, invents Blast900

By Victoria Hansenvhansen@abcnews4.comMOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Missi Wolf says she was always the cute, round girl with a really good personality.{} But 30 years later, there was nothing cute about her health."I was 5 feet tall, 206 pounds, morbidly obese and borderline diabetic," said Wolf.Wolf had just delivered her second daughter and was devastated by the results of her physical exam.{} She didn't know what to do."I lost the weight in spite of myself," she said.Missi lost 100 pounds over two years.{}It was quite an accomplishment.{}But looking back, she says she did it all wrong."I spent four hours in the gym, depriving myself of food," Wolf said.Her weight loss pushed her to do something else.{} She went back to school.{} At the age of 36 and with two 18-year-old daughters,{}Wolf studied physiology and kinesiology.{} She wanted to learn everything she could about the human body."I was fascinated that my body could change like that," she said.She was also planning the ultimate workout."I needed a place I could get everything I needed as far as exercise in one hour or less," said Wolf. "I needed a place with a nutrition plan, one I could actually live with."She says she looked everywhere{} but couldn't find one.{} So she found people who specialized in fitness and created her own.That's how BLAST900 -- Balanced Levels of Aerobic and Strength Training --{}was born.{}The 900 is the number of calories you can burn.She opened several studios in home state of Georgia, but Charleston was never far from her mind."It's one of my favorite cities in the whole world.{}I love this place," she said.Roughly a year ago, she opened a studio on Ben Sawyer Boulevard{} in Mount Pleasant.So what is BLAST900?{}Wolf will tell you it's a lifestyle. Her studio and instructors offer nutrition, education and lots and lots of sweat. {}But it's also 60 minutes of grueling strength training, conditioning, fat burning and cardio.{}Think treadmills, medicine balls, jump ropes and weights.Intimidated?{}Wolf says anyone of any age, weight or fitness level can join in and{} have fun.{} She's so confident in fact,{} she offers first-timers a free class and free nutrition consultation.Any takers?{}The crew at ABCNews4 decided to bite.{}Several of us will take the class together in the coming weeks, and we are all different shapes and sizes. This should be good.Of course we'll bring you the story on our nightly newscast, but in the meantime, you can find much more on the their website