Beer tanks unload at Charleston port; largest holds 3,200 kegs

(Source: Stacy Jacobson/WCIV)

By Stacy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV){}-{}Workers at the Port of Charleston{}unloaded 28 beer brewing tanks Tuesday. The tanks will be{}shipped to a new Sierra Nevada brewery in North Carolina.

The tanks ranged in size from 400 to 1,600 barrels. The biggest could hold 3,200 kegs of beer.

"All these things are responsible for building beer. It's where beer happens," said Bill Manley, the beer ambassador for Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

Employees lifted{}the tanks by crane off a ship and loaded them{}onto flatbed trailers. They were then moved to another part of the port for storage.

GALLERY: Sierra Nevada brewing tanks move into Charleston port

Manley said operations at the Port of Charleston proved ideal for the task. He said the company did not consider using another port.

"This happens to be a convenient port for awkwardly-shaped things coming off trucks. So big round cylinders of stainless steel, this is the ideal port for that," he said.

The first will begin making their way to the Asheville area by truck later this week.

Sierra Nevada announced last year it is building a new brewery in Mills River, about 12 miles south of Asheville. Manley said the company wanted to provide fresher beer to meet growing East Coast demand.

"It was a long search for us. We wanted to put a brewery east of the Mississippi River," he said.

The North Carolina brewery will begin{}brewing{}later this year. The brewery will open for tours next year, Manley said.