Gilliard says he wont seek former Sen. Ford's old seat

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) Rep. Wendell Gilliard briefly on Friday talked about his political future in the 111th District and the 42nd District, former Sen. Robert Ford's old seat.{}

"I've chosen not to run. I do not want to relocate in the district. His district overlaps my district over 95 percent and that's why for so many years you saw us work together as a team," said Gilliard.{}

Ford resigned his position in the 42nd District amid an ethics probe and criminal investigation.

"We have to remember the good things and we have to remember that this gentleman was the voice our community and always will be in a sense," said Gilliard.

He said he has no plans to turn his back on Ford in his time of need.{}

"Senator Ford was always in the front line, the true soldier and we should never forget that. You look at how many other people have faltered in government whether its Washington, D.C.,{} or the state of South Carolina," said Gilliard.{}{}

Gilliard said the rumors about him knowing what Ford could have been involved in were also no surprise.

"We're all in political positions, so we are going to come under scrutiny. You're going to hear rumors. You're going to hear this that you know," said Gilliard.{}{}

He said his commitment is to continue making improvements on education, jobs and infrastructure in the 111th District and he won't abandon that cause.

"I look forward to working with anybody that the people choose to put in that position. I will work with [them]; that's my commitment," said Gilliard.{}

Gilliard is endorsing Democratic candidate Marlon Kimpson as his choice to fill Ford's Senate seat.

According to the Charleston County Democratic Party, Kimpson has plenty of competition. Five other candidates are in the Democratic primary: Emmanuel Ferguson, Margaret Rush, Herbert Fielding, Maurice Washington and John Edwards.{}

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