Girls decorate keys for a good cause

Keys for Hope (John Gaddy/WCIV)

By Sonya

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Little girls with big dreamsthey are selling decorative keys for a good cause.

The girls are "hoping" to raise a million dollars for the homeless.

The keys start plain and boring, but thanks to Clara Pilley and her friends, they are turned into works of art.

"We wanted a creative and unique way to make and sell something for a donation to the shelter, so we also wanted something that would represent home and shelter so we came up with the idea for a key," said Clara Pilley, who started the Keys for Hope project.

And for these girls it's a creative way for them to help raise money for Crisis Ministries.

"We get lots of fun and cool embellishments and we decorate our keys and each key is totally one of a kind and all are unique and each key is either put on a necklace, a keychain, or a pin," said Pilley. "And then on our card describing our project and we sell our keys for five dollars."

And those five dollar donations have added up. Since August of last year, they have raised 20 thousand dollars.

"The girls hope to help build this new homeless shelter but also hope to one day end homelessness," said Sheri Pilley, mother of Clara Pilley. "There is a hope for so many things, but through the process they have learned a lot about the issue of homelessness and why and how people are there and also some of the stereotypes that exist about homelessness."

To the girls, it has become an arts and crafts project with a goal.

"I get to hang out with all my friends and make keys to help the homeless and it just feels so good that every time I go out there and sell a key and make a key that I'm making a difference in someone's lifethat they will soon find a home," said Zoe Hricik, one of Clara's friends that helps decorate keys.

And the moms, well they couldn't be prouder.

"All the moms that are involved in this project are very proud of our kids," said Sheri Pilley, mother. "And not only are they inspiring people to give money, but they are also inspiring other kids to help the cause as well and get involved."

The girls have been out selling keys at various festivals, the Farmers Market, and this past weekend they were at WonderFest in West Ashley. The girls want to continue to sell keys out in the community so they can reach their goal of 1 million dollars for Crisis Ministries.

{}You can{}find more on their Facebook page.

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