Glimmer of hope for Clemson's national title dream

CLEMSON, S.C.(WCIV) - There might be a small glimmer of hope of a national title gameappearance for the Clemson Tigers.

A big part of the scenario toget the Tigers into the title game is winning this weekend against the University of South Carolina. The ACC broke down therest of the scenario.

First, the Tigers need a winover the Gamecocks, then Texas A&M needs to beat Missouri. After that, Alabamaneeds to beat Auburn, while Ohio Statebeats Michigan and FloridaState beats Florida.

That would put the Gamecocks inthe SEC title game, which the Tigers need them to win. Then Florida Stateneeds to win the ACC conference title, and MichiganState beats Ohio Statein the Big 10 championship while the Tigers sit at home and wait.

If all of those things happen,on Dec. 8 it may be announced that Clemson is headed to Pasadena,Calif., for a rematch with Florida Statein the BCS National Championship.

The Tigers' last national titlecame 32 years ago.

The Tigers' rivals this weekdon't have it any easier making it to Pasadena.However, beating Clemson will help USC's chances of getting an at-large bid ifthey don't advance and win the SEC championship.

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