Golf shop offers fans merchandise paradise

(Scott Garrand/WCIV)

By Eric

KIAWAH ISLAND, SC (WCIV) -- Who knew the PGA built a shopping mall on top of everything else at the Ocean Course?

The golf shop on-site is fully stocked and should stay that way, so golf fans you're in luck. The 30,000 square foot structure is a merchandise paradise.

"My older son was amazed with everything that is here," said Barbara Gerlach. "He's overwhelmed, he wants everything."

High and low, your eyes may need some assistance to take it all in. And that's what fans are doing quite well, taking home gear at a rapid pace

"The crowds are crazy in here as you can see and we expect it the rest of the weekend," said PGA merchandising operations manager, Bob Jeffrey.

Jeffrey says the golf store ranks as one of the PGA's biggest-ever shops.

It's stocked heavy with hats and shirts, the more popular items. Then there's the stuff you may not think of, like mugs and socks. They even have PGA Sharpies. It's all to the delight of the thousands inside, exploring.

"We'll see the ticket sales relate to our merchandise sales. Merchandising is all bodies, you get them in here and they buy," said Jeffrey. "So the turnout has been phenomenal this week."

The scope of the set-up is surprising, just as it is pleasing.

"It's very cool, they have a lot of really nice stuff," said Mario Monteleone. "It's always fun to come to the PGA Championship."

If you can't decide on just one item, or are having trouble choosing, don't worry. You will be welcomed back.

"There's too much to choose from. It's great though, I still want to pick up more stuff," said Larry Wakefield.

"Oh yeah, I'm not done yet, I just walked in. I wanted to get Y.E.'s signature real quick," another shopper, Jonathan Wilkey said.

Tour pros are hanging around too. They're not for sale, but they may be just about the only thing that's not.

And there's not too much concern about running out of merchandise. The PGA says it has 40 vendors that can re-stock until Saturday afternoon.