Google teaches 'Internet etiquette' to Lowcountry middle school

By Gregory

LADSON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Many middle and high schoolstudents document their day-to-day activities using the Internet.

In the age of social media, teachers at College Park Middle Schoolwanted to teach students what is and is not safe to post on social mediawebsites.

"Our kids do not realize that everything they do is thereforever," said Sue Pasqualicchio, a seventh grade teacher.{} "Andthat employers, high schools, and colleges can take that information and makedecisions based on what they did in the seventh grade."

To teach students proper Internet etiquette, teachers turned to well- knowntech giant Google.

The company brought its 'Good to Know School Roadshow' to the Ladson middleschool, which is designed to teach students about Internet safety, protectionand settings.

Jamie Hill, the team's spokesperson, said it is important to teach studentsto set secure passwords that are only shared with a parent or other trustedadult.

"[It's important to] make sure they know how to update their settingsso they are only sharing certain things with certain people and also makingsure they keep it positive online and that they think before they share,"she said.

Pasqualicchio said her personal tip to parents is to turn off the WiFi atnight so children cannot be on the Internet late.

Hill said deciding whether to post something online comes down to onequestion.

"Would you want your grandma to see it?" she said. "If not,maybe it may not be the best thing to share online, offline or via textmessage."

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