Video surfaces of bar manager, bouncers attacking patrons

By Tessa

GOOSE CREEK, S. C. (WCIV)- New video that shows a bar manager and two bouncers attacking and threatening patrons inside a Goose Creek bar{}has surfaced.

Gary Long, manager of the Two Keys Tavern in Goose Creek, and bouncers Golden Deleon and Timothy Lawhorn, are all charged with kidnapping and assault in the incident.

According to Goose Creek police, Long was attempting to collect gambling debts on pool games when the incident began around 6 a.m. last Friday.

Surveillance{}video supplied by the Goose Creek police department shows Lawhorn breaking a cue stick and then whacking one of the victim's on his back with it.

The three men were arrested on{}charges of kidnapping, assault and battery and attempted robbery. They have since been released from jail.

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Mark Keller, owner of Two Keys Tavern, said the following:

"After watching the video, Two Keys Tavern is deeply concerned that such a mindless act could have ever happened in our establishment. We want all of our patrons to know that this was in no way sanctioned by the ownership. This came from our own surveillance video, used for the safety of our patrons, and will work to help prove the truth of what occurred.

Two Keys Tavern ownership will continue to work with the authorities to the fullest extent. The video shows that we have an attractive place that has held appeal for some time now, and we want to assure everyone that Two Keys Tavern is completely safe and ready to resume our status as the number one tavern in the area.

As a reminder, the three individuals charged are no longer employed with or associated with Two Keys Tavern, so this is now in the hands of the police and the courts. It will be up to them to determine where the truth lies. It's unfortunate that the incident occurred on the premises of Two Keys Tavern, but those who know us and care about what happens there, know that this type of incident is uncharacteristic of our establishment.

Our many friends, neighbors and patrons have enjoyed great food, beverage, music and just good, clean fun seven days a week since we opened. We all hope that will continue. We intend to maintain our solid reputation, and I can personally assure everyone who comes here that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. We invite our patrons back so we can personally demonstrate that to each of them."

Goose Creek police are still investigating the incident.

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