Goose Creek officer investigated for shooting dog

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV)-- Reports of a loose dog brought Goose Creek police to a Dennis Drive residence and before they left, the family dog was dead.According to a press release from the Goose Creek Police Department, the yellow Labrador was "acting aggressively" towards an 8-year-old child at a St. Charles Way home. Police say when they caught up with the dog at the owner's home on Dennis Drive, the dog "charged the investigating officer placing the officer in fear of being harmed."The report says the officer then shot at the dog twice, hitting it in its left side. The dog laid down in the driveway until its owner arrived. The owner told police that his property has an invisible electronic fence that keeps the dogs on his property. According to police he could not explain how his two dogs got loose, one on this day and the other on the day before.{}{} {}Because the responding officer fired his weapon, the incident will be investigated by his commander to see if it was an appropriate use of force. Police say they have an eyewitness that corroborates the officer's report."We recognize the important place animals occupy in their respective households and areempathetic toward the owner of the dog and his family," police spokesperson John Grainger said in a statement.Police say that the owner plans to put the dog to sleep. The owner will not be charged.