New trail open to mountain bikers, trail runners and hikers

Wannamaker North Trail is now open to mountain bikers, trail runners and hikers. (Chris Hauff/WCIV)

By Sonya

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- Attention hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers...there is a new trail in town.

"That's the incredible thing about this, is in six months you have an 8-mile trail," said Matt Moldenhauer, land resource manager at Charleston County Parks.

The Wannamaker North Trail in Goose Creek officially opened up on June 2.

The whole project started because Brad Phillips wanted a trail that he and other mountain bikers could enjoy.

"Charleston County Parks has been awesome," Phillips, creator of the trail, said. "They have been very open to the idea of getting people on public property and using it. So, when I came up with this idea'let's give it a shot!'"

Getting the approval for the trail was easy, but clearing the land was tough.

"A lot of work," said Phillips. "It's mostly done with hand tools. There was very little done with machinery, other than blowers. But, most of it was done with rakes and axes and pruning shears. So, it just takes hours and hours of dedication."

Fortunately, Brad had plenty of help from the organization, Lowcountry Fat Tire Freaks.

"Everybody has been really great with volunteering their free time to come out here and keep it going," Phillips said.

The eight mile trail has one ridge feature that was made especially for experienced riders.

"They created a series of hills and turns and it's a really fun ride," said Moldenhauer.{}"It's the kind of thing where you build enough speed and you are just going up and down, up and down the whole way, tight curves, but really exciting."

The trail should be a good fit for anyone that isn't afraid to sweat or get a little dirty.

"The trail was designed so that a beginner can get through the trail and more advanced rider like myself can. You know, the faster you go, the more technical it gets," Phillips said.

The trail is part of Wannamaker County Park, yet it can only be accessed off of Westview Boulevard in Goose Creek.

Admission is one dollar per person.

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