Goose Creek voters hear from mayoral candidates

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- It was standing room only at Thursday evening's forum that brought more than 100 Goose Creek residents to hear from the two men who want to lead the city: current Mayor Michael Heitzler and city councilman Jerry Tekac.{}

Former Dorchester County Sheriff Ray Nash moderated the forum.

"The management of the development of business in this city is very disappointing," said a concerned resident.

Other concerns like handling growth, taxes, and paying for increased fire department service were also addressed.

"I think I gave myself an A on that, too.{} I don't think there's another leader in South Carolina that is that conscientious about planning aggressively and carefully for the future," said Mayor Heitzler.

"If we don't sell our city as a great place to come and work, they're going to pass us by.{} It's very simple," said Jerry Tekac.

Following a robust discussion, residents offered their opinions about the candidates.

"He really knows Goose Creek.{} And he do have an idea of what we need to keep strong here in the infrastructure," said Claire Jefferson, a supporter of Mayor Heitzler.

"We had such a large crowd today because Mayor Heitzler has been here for a long time.{} Long doesn't always mean good.{} But it doesn't mean bad either," said Gary Zimmer, a supporter of Jerry Tekac.