GOP District 1 candidates speak out on Good Morning Charleston

Mark Sanford (WCIV)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Curtis Bostic and Mark Sanford, the two republicans left standing after a primary with more than a dozen candidates, appeared on Good Morning Charleston Tuesday morning just before the polls opened.Bostic, who worked alongside former congressional house member Tim Scott in Charleston County Council appeared with his entire family in tow.It's the position he held alongside the man whose seat he wishes to fill that sets him apart from Sanford."I am a citizen legislator," he said. "I'm one of you. I pump gas where you pump gas, my wife is in the produce aisle, I think that's exactly what the founding fathers intended when they made this seat."He also said he wants to bring things from his time in Charleston County to the federal level including job creation and a balanced budget.Bostic said, after all the campaigning, it's time to relax and let the voters decide, but pointed out that one poll forecasted Democratic nominee Colbert Busch winning against Sanford, but losing against him.Mark Sanford took the set next and made it all about his track record but wanted to focus on the politics, not his personal life."I have long-held convictions on the importance of limited government," he said. "Long held convictions and a whole lot of action about doing something about something I think a great number of people care a whole lot about and that's 'How do we get our financial house in order in Washington D.C.'"Sanford also pointed out the job creation and investments made on the state level during his time as governor.In the end, he said he's learned a lot from the mistakes he's made in his personal life and hopes the people give him a chance to make a difference on the front lines again.

The winner of Tuesday's runoff will face Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Bush, the sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, and Green Party candidate Eugene Platt on May 7.