Gov. Haley officially announces re-election bid

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) - Governor Nikki Haley rolled out the red carpet on Monday to officially announce her re-election bid for Governor of South Carolina.

An announcement rally was held at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville at 4 p.m. Monday. Roughly 150 people were in attendance.

Haley was joined by three governors at the event - Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Lowcountry native and U.S. Senator Tim Scott also attended and emceed the event.

"She [Haley] is doing what most politicians don't doshe's doingexactly what she said she would do," said Jindal.{}

Haley says the decision to run again for governor was a group decision between her husband and kids.

"What I said when I sat down and ran the first time was, I don't want to run again unless I know we're moving the ball," Haley said. "We did that."

Haley will now face off with Democratic candidate state Sen. Vincent Sheeheen for a re-match. Haley beat Sheeheen to win the office in 2010.

Haley has already raised $2.4 million for her re-election campaign, but Sheeheen is said to have out-raised her in the last quarter.

Haley and her supporters weren't the only ones at the announcement rally. Protestors demonstrated during Mrs. Haley's speech.{}

"I want to say hello to our protesters," Haley said. "I appreciateyou being up there because my husband is fighting over in Afghanstan right nowfighting for your right to do that"

The protest was planned by the South Carolina Democratic Women's council and the state AFl-CIO. Organizers say the basis for the demonstration is the commonalities in policies between the four Governors in terms of health care, public education, labor, and voting rights.

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