Gov. Haley releases her budget proposal

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP/WCIV) - South Carolina Gov. Haley released a budget proposal that puts much of the projected additional tax collections this year in public education.

Haley released her plan for the coming year Monday afternoon. It comes one day before the start of the legislative session.

"This year'sbudget builds upon the themes that have been at the core of our priorities fromthe very beginning - creating jobs and improving the business climate,providing a better education for our children, making our state a safer placeto live and work, strengthening our infrastructure without raising taxes, andprotecting the most vulnerable members of our society," said Gov. Nikki Haley.

The Republican governor laid out her plans last week to improve education by focusing on poor, rural students. She would put more than $160 million into what she called the first of a multi-year effort.{}

The plan includes a K-12 education reform that allocates $97 million for children in poverty, $29.5 million for a reading coach program, and $29.3 million to improve bandwidth in school facilities with new wireless technology and a computer or tablet for every student.

State economic advisers expect more than $265 million in new money in 2014-15. Adding expected one-time money means more than $400 million is available.

"Mostimportantly these goals are met in a fiscally responsible fashion - not only isthe budget balanced for the third consecutive year but once again we provide atax cut for South Carolina families. We have made progress on all fronts overthe course of the last three years and this budget ensures that the momentum SouthCarolina is building won't be lost," she said.

Requests for education and growth in Medicaid could eat up most, if not all of that.

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