Gov. Haley signs economic incentives bill at Boeing

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) Placing pen to paper Gov. Nikki Haley signed her name to an economic incentives bill for Boeing's South Carolina facility.

"This is not going anywhere. It's only going to grow and shows that South Carolina and Boeing are forever connected," said Haley.

Haley said the additional billion-dollar Boeing investment and expansion is a result of the workforce.

"The fact that we are signing this bill today, the fact that we are talking about an expansion, South Carolina just showed the entire world that we build airplanes and we build them well," said Haley. {}

Haley said the state doesn't have additional money to give incentives, but it's governments role to take care of infrastructure.

"When we do incentives, we only do it for infrastructure, it is only site ready. We make sure we get them the proper site with water, sewer, everything to go and we make sure that anyone they hire the only get the credits after they hire the people," said Haley.

Two-thousand jobs are expected to come with Boeing's eight-year investment, another reason why the bill made it through the state legislature so quickly.{}

"I expect that us being able to get the bill through in a hurry will cause them to be able to bring the development a lot faster and bring the jobs here a lot faster," said House Speaker Bobby Harrell.

Boeing South Carolina Vice President Jack Jones said the timing was right to expand the facility.

"Several of the projects that we are considering in that billion-dollar investment are starting to come to fruition. We are starting to get better understanding and clarity on what they are so it was just the right timing," said Jones