GQ Magazine features The Ordinary in '12 best' eateries in US

Ceviche. (Source: The Ordinary)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Another local restaurant is getting national attention for its fresh seafood offerings.

According to the article, The Ordinary features a menu of "exquisitely executed seafood creations" where guests are surrounded by a converted old bank building.

"The customers didn't look or dress alike, but they all seemed to know one another. It's the French-brasserie concept idealized, everyone happily jostling everyone else,"{}Alan Richman's{}article reads.

Richman goes on to describe a triggerfish schnitzel that he said could shape the way the culinary world views sunchokes, equating them with the Brussel sprouts revival of 2012.

Richman had a dish a drink that were not to be missed by any diner:{}NV Jo Landron Atmosphres, "a juicy, eccentric, lip-smacking sparkler," he said, and the{}barbecued, heads-on shrimp immersed in a mostly Worcestershire sauce.

Read Richman's article here.{}