Grab some water before you hit the beach

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FOLLY BEACH (WCIV)-- If you're one of the thousands of beach-goers to hit The Edge of America this Memorial Day weekend, you might notice a couple of guys on the side of the road trying to help visitors beat the heat.Two local business owners are setting up at the base of the Lee Westbury Bridge around noon on Saturday to hand out free water to folks trapped in traffic on the causeway. "It starts with the traffic. If you are cooped up in a car, stuck in traffic, in 90 degree heat, you're like a firecracker waiting to explode," said DJ Rich of Planet Follywood. "That's not a good way to start your visit, and we hope that by giving out water and helping educate our visitors, we can start them off right and keep them happy. We're laid back on Folly, and we want our visitors to be the same way." Rich, along with Jody Hawkins of The Grill on the Edge, will also be educating tourists on Folly Beach regulations."Our visitors need to understand that even though they come to have a good time, they must remain responsible. These are our homes, and some of the behavior we are forced to deal with has gotten out of hand. The more you abuse privileges, the more likely they are of being taken away," says Rich. Folly Beach is the only public beach that allows alcohol as long as it is in a paper or plastic container, but that allowance has been up for debate by local leaders."The story of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch could hold true for Folly Beach, especially with such lewd acts as public urination, assault, underage drinking and littering being in the forefront," Rich said in a press release. "The more people act this way, the more likely of a scenario it is, for better or worse. But according to a few, if they can help stop some of it before it starts, we're all better off."