A grandmother is granted her dying wish

By Victoria

CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) -- Hospitals are where people go to get better, to give birth and sometimes to die. But recently, the joy of birth and the uncertainty of death came together in a local hospital room.

"She was determined that she as going to be here when he was born and she was," said Dennis Moran who lost his wife of 34 years.

His daughter Abbie was about to give birth, when his wife Becky began to lose her life. She had been fighting colon cancer for 7 long years, when suddenly, she succumbed. It was so bad, Becky was under hospice care at home. But the 55 year old had a dying wish. She wanted to hold her first grandchild, if even only for one time.

"I thought about my mom the whole time," said Abbie Moran Cooper.

Yes, Abbie was having her first child at Roper Saint Francis Hospital and all she could think about was her mom. Would she make it there in time?

"Every time I'd go into Abby's room she would ask me, did they call and tell me, has my mom died? And I'd say no, we made it another hour," said her delivery nurse Susan Sigwald.

"She had been out of it until she got word the baby was coming," said the family's minister John Warren.

Emmie Williams, Abbie's sister, was home with their mother sitting on her bed when the call came in: The baby was on the way.

"And she opened her eyes and said is the baby here?"

Emergency workers got Becky together and took her to a room right next to her daughter, who by then was giving birth. She waited until she was wheeled into the hallway, where she squealed with delight.

"He was born at 3-11 and she met him soon after that," said Abbie.

"She held the baby, she kissed the baby, talked to the baby and told Abby she did a good job," said Becky's husband.

"I will cherish that moment in my heart forever, she said she was proud of me and she called him little sweet pea like she always did."

Abbie cried as she held her mother, holding her child. She knew this was most likely goodbye.

"It was so emotional.. I don't think there was a person in the room not crying," said Abbie's delivery nurse.

"It was tears of joy and sadness at the same time, it was an incredible moment," said Dennis Moran. His wife died the next day.

"She didn't want to die on his birthday."

Little Dennis Moran is now one month old with big blue eyes, just like his grandmother.

"Every time I look at him, I think of my mom."

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