Grandson of Jacques Cousteau teaches conservation

Philippe Cousteau Jr. (Provided)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) --{}Philippe Cousteau Jr., the grandson of the famous scientist and explorer Jacques Cousteau, has become an extremely influential figure when it comes to educating others about environmental conservation.

He says, now, more than ever, people are starting to grasp the importance of protecting our environment.

Cousteau runs a non-profit organization called EarthEcho International. It is a youth environmental education organization dedicated to serving both kids and the environment. According to the EarthEcho International website, their mission is to empower youth to take action that restores and protects our water planet.

Cousteau has come to Charleston this week from July 23-25 with the goal of making a difference for students in the Lowcountry. He is holding a conference for middle and high school teachers in an effort to help them learn effective strategies to teach their students to use citizen journalism to tell their stories about the environment.

"This program is all about helping them (young people) understand that they do have a voice," Cousteau said. "They can get engaged in issues they care about, and they can affect change."

Teachers who attend the conference are promised to come away with new and improved ways to shows their students that they can help save the environment.

"They can make a difference," said West Ashley High School teacher Margaret Spigner. "Even if one person does one thing, it can help the environment."