Greenville replacing Charleston as South's food Mecca?

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) - Is Greenville replacing Charleston as the South's shining culinary star? According to Esquire Magazine, Greenville being named "North American City of the Future" and being home to Carl Sobicink's culinary inventions make it a contender.

"With big cities like Atlanta still lacking in Southern soul, and Nashville finally capitalizing on its musical history, battling it out to be the South's best food city, a smaller, more interesting competition is going on between two smaller South Carolina cities: Charleston and Greenville. Despite the former's gastro-surge and national media hype over the last three years, the latter is quickly gaining on the top spot," John Mariani writes.

Mariani singles out downtown Greenville newcomer Red Fin as a shining star in the world of sushi, calling it some of the best he's had in the South.

"What is really amazing is that within a mile-and-a-half stretch of Main Street, there are now more than 110 restaurants, overwhelmingly locally-owned, and excellent," he writes.

He goes on to single out Soby's Chef Shaun C. Garcia, Devereaux's Chef Spencer Thompson, Roost's Chef Trevor Higgins, and The Lazy Goat's Chef Victoria Ann Moore, chosen three years ago as one of Esquire's "Chef to Keep Your Eye On."

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