Gregorie plans on city council re-election

Gregorie (Source: Facebook)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston Mayor Pro Tem William Dudley Gregorie said Thursday he will seek a second term on Charleston City Council.

Gregorie won the seat four years ago on a platform of public safety, improving the city's infrastructure, and combating the flooding and traffic problems. He said Thursday his focus would remain the same, but he would also work to help businesses speed the licensing process and fight to keep taxes down.

"Over the past few years, I've been part of many discussion on what matters to the citizens of Charleston. I've found that what really matters is what happens to our future as we stand on the bring of a new era," Gregorie said.

Before taking a seat on the council, Gregorie served as the director of the state's office of Housing and Urban Development for eight years where he says he oversaw the payouts of billions of dollars to projects around the state.

Since joining city council, Gregorie said he has worked on the Gillard Center project, the Horizon Project, and proposed a $1-billion development for his district.

"Charleston is changing and the doors to amazing possibilities are opening up like never before. We need experienced leadership with a vision that will usher us into this new era," he said.

City council elections are scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 5.

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