Grievance filed with high school league over Goose Creek football transfer

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCIV) -- West Ashley High School has filed a grievance against Goose Creek High School with the South Carolina High School League.{}

The grievance centers around the transfer of an athlete from West Ashley to Goose Creek. Commission Jerome Singleton confirmed Thursday that he received the letter.{}

Singleton said he has not fully reviewed the complaint yet, but it will be thoroughly investigated.{}

Coaches at West Ashley have been told not to speak to the media about the inquiry.{}

Goose Creek principal Jimmy Huskey said he did not know about the grievance, but head football coach and athletic director Chuck Reedy said he had heard rumors about it, but had no official word.{}

Reedy said he had also heard that West Ashley officials were upset about the transfer.{}

According to the league transfer rules, an athlete must sit out 365 days after a transfer, but there are several exceptions that allow an athlete to play immediately. ABC News 4 has learned that the athlete in question meets at least one of those exceptions.{}

Here are the state league's rules on transfers.{}

Section 9. Transfers

A transfer student will be ineligible for a period of onecalendar year at the new school unless

he transfers under one of the circumstances set forth insubsections (A) through (L) below and

only if he meets the following two criteria irrespective ofwhether he moves under one of the

circumstances set forth in subsections (A) through (L):


1. The student must be eligible to represent the school fromwhich he transferred (see note)

NOTE: A transfer student must have been eligible torepresent his former school

academically as well as eligible under any district, schoolor athletic policy that was in

place when the student transferred.

2. The student must not have participated on an outside teamin which a coach or volunteer

coach from the school the student is transferring to coachedor had input into the selection

of the outside team. The student would be ineligible in thatsport only for one calendar


Exception: Criteria #2 does not apply if the student istransferring from a non-member school

and had attended the non-member school the previous twosemesters.


In addition to the two requirements set forth above, astudent must also transfer under one of

the following circumstances to be immediately eligible.

A. The student and his parents must have a bona fide changeof residence from the

attendance area of the former school into the attendancearea of the new school. A "bona

fide change of residence" is defined as follows:

1. The move must be with the intent of being permanent.

2. Under no circumstances can a family have two residencesfor eligibility purposes.

3. The head(s) of the family must make the change.

4. The entire household and furniture must be moved into thenew residence.

5. The original residence must be clearly closed as theresidence of the family and

must not be used by the family.


NOTE: (Applies to the above mentioned A1 thru A5) Whenparents are not

separated by court action and when they are residing indifferent places, the

residence is generally considered the residence formerlyused by both parents. It is

difficult to determine intent when residences are of shortduration. Therefore,

should the family move out of the attendance area before onecalendar year has

passed, the student will be declared ineligible on the dateof the move. When there

is doubt, the principal should present all facts to theLeague Office. The League

Office will decide on each case individually, consideringthe facts of each case.

6. If a student established residence with a person otherthan a parent prior to

enrollment in the seventh grade and this residence is notbroken, it will be

considered the same as residing with a parent. The student,after entering the

seventh grade, will have a one time move to a biological parent(s)and be given

immediate eligibility.

7. The transfer of school following a "bona fide change ofresidence" must take place

prior to the beginning of the following school year. If astudent transfers at any other

time, he will be ineligible for one calendar year.

NOTE: If because of changes in attendance area lines by thegoverning board a

student's residence is placed in another attendance area,this will be considered

the same as a bona fide change of address.

8. Emancipated students that transfer will be ineligible forone calendar year.


B. A student transfers to a school in the same districtwhere he/she is currently eligible or to a

school in the district where the student and his/her familylive. The transfer must occur at

the beginning of the student's 9th grade year.

C. A student transfers from a nonmember school to a memberschool.

1. The student's parents must live in the attendance area ofthe member school.

2. The student cannot have participated in the sport inwhich he wishes to be certified

during the current school year at the school from which heis transferring. If a student

transfers from out-of-state to in-state with a bona fidechange of residence, this rule is

not in effect.

3. The student must have been enrolled in the nonmemberschool for at least 45 school

days prior to transferring.

D. A student who enters a middle or high school IB Programor High School Magnet School

program offered by the school district in which the studentlives and is attending school will

have a one time move to that program and a one time moveback to his/her home school

without loss of eligibility. Students entering the magnetprogram must do so as 9th graders

only. The move to or from these programs must be made thefirst day of school. A move at

any other time will require a waiting period until the firstday of the next academic year for

the student to be eligible. A-19

E. A student, whose parents separate by court action ordivorce and establish residency in

different areas, has the option of establishing eligibilitywith either parent.

1. The separation must be by court action, signed by a judgeor stamped by clerk of


2. A transfer of schools must take place prior to thebeginning of the following school


3. If an in-state student later transfers to the otherparent, he will have a one year's

waiting period unless the change of residence is necessarybecause of the death of

the other parent.

4. If the separation by court action and/or divorce occurredprior to the student

entering the 9th grade and has been for a period longer thanone calendar year, the

student may move to the other parent one time and be givenimmediate eligibility.


F. A student is placed by the courts in an orphanage orfoster home.

1. Written notice of the assignment must be filed in theLeague Office.

2. Transfer must be to the school in whose attendance areathe orphanage or foster

home is located.

G. A student has parents who are citizens of the UnitedStates, but reside outside the

contiguous United States. Eligibility will be at the schoolin whose attendance area his

temporary guardian resides. He may not transfer from this schoolunless there is a bona

fide change of residence on the part of the temporaryguardian.

H. If both parents are deceased, the student will becomeeligible on the day the legal

guardianship papers are recorded in the office of the clerkof court.

I. If a student diagnosed with a disability is assigned toanother school (with the district) to

take a special program associated with the disabilitycondition that is not offered in his

home school, he will have immediate eligibility at the newschool.

J. When the option of attending a diploma grantingvocational school exists and the transfer

is made at the end of the eighth grade, the student iseligible at the diploma granting

vocational school immediately. Students entering avocational school at any other time will

be required to wait a calendar year before being eligible.

K. A student transfers to another school in the samedistrict (other than ninth grade) provided

the school district's superintendent and affected school'sprincipals approve the transfer.

This type transfer is only allowed once every (365 days)calendar year.

L. A student transfers to another school under theMcKinney-Vento Act where the entire

family is declared homeless


An ineligible transfer student meeting the two criteria, butnot any of the circumstances of

subsection (A) through (L) may compete at the sub-varsitylevel only. An official letter of

support for athletic participation from the principal of themember school in which the student is

eligible must be submitted with the Special Form A. Thistype transfer of eligibility is only

allowed once every (365 days) calendar year and onlyapplicable to inter-district transfer.


NOTE: The transfer eligibility will be recognized when thetransferred student participates in

an athletic competition representing the school.


Section 10. Guardianship

A legally appointed guardian will have the same status as aparent under the following


A. Both parents are deceased.

B. Both parents reside outside the contiguous United Statesand the parents are United

States citizens. A-20

C. A student becomes a ward of the court and the Departmentof Social Services assumes

legal guardianship.

1. In this case, the parents or former guardians retain nolegal rights to or control over

the student.

2. Foster parents will be recognized immediately.

D. A student becomes the ward of an orphanage.


Section 11. Foreign Exchange Students

A. Foreign exchange students may be granted eligibility fora maximum of one calendar year

from the date of enrollment provided they:

1. Reside in the attendance area of the school in which theyare enrolled. Any

subsequent transfers must be according to League transferrules in order to

maintain eligibility.

2. Are part of an approved foreign exchange student programthat is listed by CSIET

upon enrolling in a member school.

3. Have been assigned to schools by a method, which ensuresthat no student, school

or other interested party has influenced the assignment forathletic purposes.

4. Have not graduated or were not eligible for graduationfrom high school.

5. Meet all other eligibility standards while a student at amember school.


REQUEST FORM that has been approved by a member of theLeague Staff.


B. A South Carolina student returning to his original schoolfrom a foreign exchange program

may resume athletic competition provided he meets allrequirements relative to age and

semesters of eligibility.

1. If the student did not receive credits for graduationwhile participating in the

exchange program, he will use the semester immediatelypreceding enrollment in

the program to meet the academic standard.

2. The year spent in the exchange program will count as oneof the four allowable

years of eligibility.{}