Grits: God Reigns in the South

By: Amy

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - Lowcountry resident Pam Hanckel loves the Lowcountry and loves God. Her first book showcases those two loves.

Hanckel published "Grits: God Reigns in the South," {}a devotional and photography book. She describes it as "a book on true faith and trust in God."

The book began as simple emails to her children, to encourage them in their faith.

"They don't have time for a daily devotion so I thought if mom sent them, maybe they'd read them," Hanckel said on Lowcountry Live.

At Christmas, she compiled all of the devotions into a booklet for her children. Soon, she realized that many of the devotions corresponded to her personal photography of outdoor, Lowcountry scenes.

"I have a picture of the Morris Island Lighthouse with the Sullivan's Island lighthouse in the background," Hanckel explained. "One devotion is about the amazing bluebird and how all of their needs are taken care of and I had a great bluebird picture. Some others are ducks, the beach, marsh, egrets, oak trees, cast netting, crabs and so much more."

The name of the book, "Grits: God Reigns in the South," came from a nickname.

"I signed each devotion, 'Love Grits,' as that is the name my grandchildren call me short for granny grits," said Hanckel. "So when I decided to call it Grits and then realized that Grits stood for God reigns in the south, I knew I had my title."

"Grits: God Reigns in the South" is available at a variety of local shops.