Grooms: Don't write me in; support Sanford instead

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - State Sen. Larry Grooms is disavowing a write-in campaign and urging voters in next week's 1st District special congressional election to support fellow Republican Mark Sanford.

Grooms, who finished third in the 16-way GOP primary in March, said Thursday an independent group is urging voters to write his name in on Tuesday. He says it is being done without his consent or approval.

Grooms said he has spent his career working to unite conservatives and opposes any effort to divide Republicans.

Grooms said that Sanford's opponent, Elizabeth Colbert (KOHL'-buhrt) Busch, and President Barack Obama would like nothing better than to split the GOP vote in a race considered very close.

Grooms said he wants all his primary supporters as well as supporters of other Republican primary candidates to support Sanford.

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