Grooms files CofC-MUSC merger bill in SC Senate

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCIV) - State Sen. Larry Grooms has filed acompanion bill in the Senate calling for the merger of College of Charlestonand the Medical University of South Carolina.

Grooms said he filed the bill Tuesday.

Grooms said he planned all along to file a companion billalong with the House bill filed by Reps. Leon Stavrinakis and Jim Merrill, butthe winter storm delayed his plans. Tuesday was his first opportunity to filethe bill.

He went on to say that companion bills are typical and thebills have to have hearings in both housings. He said the only differentbetween his bill and the Stavrinakis bill is that his would just be calledCharleston University.

The bill was assigned Tuesday afternoon to be heard in theSenate Education Committee, and now a subcommittee will begin studying thebill.

Meanwhile, the MUSC Board of Trustees voted unanimously lastweek to reject the proposed merger. And on Tuesday night, CofC's faculty senatecalled for the merger to fail.

Instead, both bodies called for a different sort ofcollaboration between the schools that would accomplish the goals outlined inStavrinakis' bill.

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