Group calls for investigation into solicitor's office

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The state Attorney General's office says it is reviewing accusations against Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson.{}

A spokesman for Attorney General Alan Wilson says the office received a letter from the South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.{}

The group accuses Scarlett Wilson of misconduct in cases dating back to 2006.{}

The Attorney General's spokesman says the office does not know if it will ask the State Law Enforcement Division to investigate.{}

Scarlett Wilson released a response to the accusations Wednesday afternoon.

"This small group has reached back nearly a decade and plucked nine cases out of roughly 150,000 warrants that we handled, about 750 of which were called to trial," she said. "While I am familiar with most of the cases cited in the letter, I did not personally prosecute any of them and there are two that were resolved before I became solicitor."

She went on to say that she welcomes an investigation by SLED and will make available all the files and employees in the solicitor's office.

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