Gun shop can stay on May Lane, neighbors must find compromise

By Ava Wilhite

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) Residents of Mount Pleasant's Old Village petitioned council members for a stop to a proposed gun shop from moving in. However, the council approved the business and told residents to find a compromise.

During public comments, Mt. Pleasant town council members listened attentively to those who came to speak their mind on a proposed gun shop on May Lane in the Old Village.

"You should have come in the area given us a chance to block it like where are here today," said Emory Gathers, who grew up on May Lane. {}{}

About 100 people in attendance opposed the gun shop and they were hoping for change. Some came armed with a compromise.

"If the gun shop is already approved, my solution would be to block the entire commercial business from May Lane which is now passable to two-lane traffic and have them enter from Coleman Boulevard," suggested another resident. {}

"This council -- no one seated here made a choice to bring this gun shop to May Lane. There was a piece of property at the end of May Lane; it's been in existence since I was a child," said Mayor Linda Page.

Page says the building just recently sold after it sat vacant for many years. She says the building is properly zoned.

"There was no permission needed, Mr. Gathers. I appreciated that no one came to knock on your door, but they didn't knock on my door either," said Page.

Page says it will be up to the shop owner and neighbors to come up with a resolution.

"Don't belong there and I'm hopeful we'll come to a good solution," said Andrew Wright, who also lives on May Lane.{}

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