Hanahan fourth-grader honored for good deed

Classmates at Hanahan Elementary congratulating Alyssa

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCIV) - A young girl from Hanahan went out of her way to do a good deed last week and it came back around to her on Thursday.

"It makes me very proud to know that she's willing to stand up for the right thing. She's a very kind-hearted girl. She wants to do good, and it just makes you very proud," said the girl's grandmother, Gail Reeves.

A fourth grader named Alyssa from Hanahan Elementary noticed someone near her home hiding items in a suspicious place.{}

The items turned out to be $737 worth of stolen merchandise from Lowe's.

With the help of her grandmother, Alyssa returned the items to Lowe's on Saturday.

On Thursday, representatives from Lowe's surprised Alyssa at Hanahan Elementary with a special thank you.

"It's a very heroic action from you. You didn't have to do it, and we're so honored to meet you," said the Lowe's representative.

Alyssa received a "Good Citizen" award from Lowe's and framed 'Thank You' letter from Lowe's.

"Do unto others what you would have them do unto you," said Alyssa as she sited her class motto on the wall. "It just seemed like the right thing to do and that's what I chose to do."

Lowe's named Alyssa a "Loss Prevention Specialist" and gave her a gift bag with a "Be a Hero" T-shirt, games and a $25 gift card to Toys-R-Us.

"It makes you just want to cry because kids aren't like that, they're selfish and greedy most of the time," said Alyssa's grandmother, Gail Reeves. "Not all, but it's just special to have one of your own do something good."