Hanahan firefighter saves puppy's life, not once but twice

Jake the puppy was adopted by firefighter William Lindler's family.

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCIV) -- William Lindler saved Jake, a 9-week-old puppy, in more ways than one.{}

The first time happened about a month ago when Lindler had just returned home from work as a firefighter for the Hanahan Fire Department and was doing yard work.{}

"I noticed there was some smoke coming from my neighbor's yard," Lindler said. {}"I ran back into my house, grabbed some firefighting gear and ran across the street. The residents were yelling their puppy was in the building."{}

The 4-pound puppy was pulled from the fire.{}

"He was a hurtin' little puppy," said Danielle Cromb, a vet technician at the Animal Medical Clinic of Goose Creek. "He was burned on, I would say 75 percent of his body, including his paw pads."

He was on a guarded prognosis, which meant he could survive his injuries but there was a chance he wouldn't. His treatment began immediately and included oral and topical antibiotics.{}

When Lindler found out that Jake was recovering without a family by his side, he saved the puppy again.{}

"I contacted the vet and the vet informed me that, more or less, the family had abandoned him at the office," Lindler said. "That's when me and my family decided we would adopt him."

The pair have since become inseparable.{}

"He's spoiled already," Lindler said. "The first night at the station he actually slept in the bunk with me."

Jake is continuing to heal.{}

"I would honestly like to get him certified to be a therapy dog for burned children," Lindler said. "I would like for them to know that no matter how bad it is, this little guy beat the odds being burned as bad as he was at four weeks old and he's still beautiful."

Officials says it will take about a year before Jake could start training.{}

Anyone who wants to donate to the Animal Medical Clinic of Goose Creek on Jake's behalf may do so at

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