Hanahan Police release dash-cam video from fatal stop

By Stacy

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCIV) -- Hanahan Police released dramatic dashboard-camera video involving a suspect shoot-out with two officers Monday.

Hanahan Police Chief Mike Cochran said the incident started when a single officer pulled over a car for a window tint violation. He called for back-up because he said he could not see through the windows and could not tell how many people were in the car.

Police found four suspects in the car and also said they found marijuana.

Officials took the four suspects out of the car and said they needed to do a body search on them since they had found marijuana. At that point, suspect Jerome Miller fled on foot.

While running, he shot at the officers, police said.

"You can see as he's running down the street shots being fired before he got to the end of the street. So if you can picture officer running down street, this guy is doing this number over his shoulder. The sergeant told him to get down and he didn't," Cochran said.

The officers shot back and injured him, sending Miller to the ground.

Miller continued firing at the officers from the ground and yelled profanities at them, Cochran said. He had run in to the woods.

Officers shot at Miller again. A SWAT team arrived and pronounced Miller dead on the scene.

Cochran said the officer followed protocol by waiting for a back-up officer to arrive before furthering the stop. He also said two officers fired shots throughout the incident. Cochran did not know how many total shots they fired.

SLED is investigating the incident and finished gathering information Friday, Cochran said.

The two officers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative leave for three days. They will return to active duty soon, Cochran said.