Hanahan remembers the fallen on Veterans Day

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - This is the 5th year the city of Hanahan is hosting a Veterans Day memorial ceremony.{} City Manager John Cribb says they try to make the ceremony personal by inviting veterans from the community.

"Each year we've created a data base and we personally invite our veterans every year. We don't just count on them seeing it in the paper," says Cribb. {}He says the veterans are encouraged to bring friends and neighbors with them.

"You saw some children here today, and I think that's really important for the children to come out. We try to have a guest speaker every year that really makes it personal," says Cribb.

Guest speaker John Moore of Summerville, spoke for his father John Moore Sr. a World War II veteran, who fought in Guadalcanal. John Moore Sr. actively remembers a fallen friend every year.

"He had a friend named Corporal Goldtrap, who was killed at Tarawa. Every year on memorial day or Veterans Day, he puts a white cross out on Eagle Landing Blvd., and honors his friendship," says Moore.

Many people in the crowd share relationships with service members they also want to remember.

"We've had someone from every branch in both sides of my family that's always served in the military and it's important they be remembered," says Deborah Paulson who's husband also served in the military.