Hannah Salters takes us on adventures with Gia the giraffe

(Author-provided illustration: Gia at Joe Riley Stadium)

By: Amy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -{}Hannah Salters, a local teacher, took a break from the classroom and went on sabbatical in Europe last year. She spent her time authoring two children's books, "The Adventures of Gia the Giraffe," which is set in the Lowcountry, and "Gia the Giraffe Goes to Dublin" where she lived during her writing process.

The stories follow Gia, a giraffe who enjoys history and travel, and feature actual places from the cities that Gia visits. They are geared toward elementary-aged children.

Salters believes that parents can use the books to encourage children to develop ideas for what they would like to see if they are visiting the areas that Gia visited. She hopes to expand Gia into a lengthier series.

Salters books are available at Wonderworks, The Silver Puffin and the gift shop of the Historic Charleston Foundation.