Happy hour event puts top 8 FCC seeds together


DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) - While the main draw is takingplace inside the stadium, the top eight seeds of this year's Family Circle Cupwere at the Daniel Island Club for a media happy hour.

Leading the way was defending champion Serena Williams,fresh off her win at Key Biscayne over the weekend.

Far from the dog days of August, it's April and the clayseason is just starting up and each of the players is excited to be in Charleston for their ownreasons.

"I always look forward to coming back here to the South, goto Cracker Barrel and Waffle House - I'm excited to be back," said SloaneStephens.

The young gun American is one of the players to beat and oneof the only women in the field to scatter, smother and cover the hottest playeron the tour, Williams, in the past year.

"I'vebeen playing much better, had a good week in Miami,excited to be in Charlestonand I hope for a great week," said Stephens.

Williamshas a transition to make, and she knows it.

"Ittakes time to transition hard to clay are night and day. We'll see, there's nopressure to win so we'll see what happens," Williams said.

The onlyplayer to be more dominant than Williams in her win at Family Circle Cup in2010, but she's hobbling into Charlestonthis year.

"Eachday it's a bit better and better. I'm pretty happy with progress I've made thelast couple of weeks since being home and doing rehab. Each day I do a bitmore. Hopefully by Wednesday I'll be ready to go," Stosur said.

And Charleston fits right infor Carolina Wozniacki, part of a power couple. Her boyfriend Rory McIlroy wonon Kiawah in August.

"Itwould be great (to win) but it's not really what I'm thinking about to behonest. I want to play well. I'm so proud of what Rory did last year and there'sa big tournament next week," she said.

She willhead to Augustanext.

But first,she and everyone else is looking to master the clay on Daniel Island.