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Toni Grammer, Moncks Corner

"At 28 I never expected to have a colorectal problem. But when the pain was keeping me from being the mother I wanted to be, I knew I had to find a doctor who could help. I found a colorectal surgeon who understood what it takes to be a good mother. Together, she and the rest of the colorectal team at East Cooper made a huge difference in the quality of my life. Four days after my procedure, I felt better than I had in years."

{}Bobby Riggs, Wando

"I did my research and found out that East Cooper's complication rates are really low. When you're having surgery, doing the research to choose your hospital is as important as making sure you have the right surgeon.{} I already knew that my colorectal surgeon was one of the best, and East Cooper's track record was the proof I needed to make them my hospital of choice."Glenn Miller, Branchvillle

"When I found out I had a colorectal problem, I knew it was my responsibility to find the right surgeon and the right hospital.{} I wasn't going to trust just anyone.{} I did my research, and now I know that my decision to drive 80 miles for my surgery at East Cooper was the right one.{} There are no words to define how grateful I am.{} I truly feel like they saved my life." Connie Williams, West Ashley

"For nearly three years I endured massive pain every day.{} I was miserable.{} My physician in Maryland told me to find a good colorectal surgeon, and I did - at East Cooper Medical Center. {}Now my life has changed 100% for the better.{} Every time I think of my surgeon, it brings tears to my eyes.{} He's my angel.{} The team who took care of me after my surgery at East Cooper was incredible, and I will consider the colorectal program coordinators my friends for life.{} East Cooper Medical Center is the cream of the crop"Maternity:

Amy Jordan, Mt. Pleasant

"An Experience that Truly is Hospitality Redefined""When Jack was born, I knew we were in the best hands possible.{} The entire team at East Cooper Medical Center{} -{} the nurses, nurse midwife, the doctor and everyone on staff - were fabulous.{} They made sure I had all the answers to make me comfortable, and they were by my side every step of the way.{} I was treated like I was in a luxury hotel rather than a hospital.{} I recommend my OBGYN group and East Cooper Medical Center to all of my friends.{} General:

Leslie Haywood, West Ashley

After having my two daughters at East Cooper Regional Medical Center, I knew that the quality of care there was second to none. However, I didn't fully realize the depth of compassion and expertise the hospital staff had until I was there for a third time. At the age of 34, I was faced with a breast cancer diagnosis.After doing my homework, I realized that the best of the best was right here in Mt. Pleasant.Most people think of East Cooper as the"baby" hospital, but it is so much more.The doctors and staff were compassionate and helped me and my family get through this difficult time.Because of East Cooper's wonderful staff and my incredible surgeon, Dr. James Craigie, what could have been an extremely scary and trying time in my life was little more than a blip on the radar.I knew I was in the hands of some of the best oncologists, reconstructive surgeons and nurses, but it didn't stop with simply being talented. {}After undergoing the procedure, I looked and felt like myself again. Overall, the medical staff had a very rare mix of skill, kindness and empathy that is all too often lacking in our healthcare system today.I don't think most people know just how lucky we are to have such cutting-edge doctors right here in our own backyard.Thank you, East Cooper, for being there for me through the good times and, even more importantly, the bad. Rudolph Rustin, MD"I had the unique experience of being on the other side of the doctor-patient relationship.{} I thought I might be able to provide a different perspective after being on the receiving end of the health care offered at East Cooper Medical Center.As a busy colorectal surgeon, I have spent the better part of my career leaning over patients in the operating room for countless hours.{} The constant strain had taken a definite toll on my health, particularly on my back.{} I was plagued with chronic pain for over a decade that required several surgeries to correct.{} Those procedures, however, didn't offer lasting relief, and after seeing several specialists for answers, I was left somewhat discouraged regarding my prognosis for recovery.I sought the opinion of Dr. Don Johnson, a spine surgeon who practices at East Cooper, and Dr. Thomas Appleby, a vascular surgeon who participates on the operative team for certain complex spinal cases.{} They were able to quickly ascertain my condition and depth of suffering.{} The team evaluated me and prepared me for admission to the hospital and subsequent surgery.{} I soon began to appreciate the importance of not just the surgeon in charge but the "team approach" offered by Dr. Johnson, Dr. Appleby and the surgical team of East Cooper.{} By having the same team executing the surgery frequently and consistently, favorable outcomes were to be expected. With the combination of this outstanding team approach and East Cooper's commitment to being a designated center of excellence in spinal surgery,{} I experienced a seamless surgery, postoperative stay and follow-up care plan that allows me to feel as pain-free and healthy as ever today.I now incorporate a team approach in my day-to-day surgical practice.{} This hopefully gives my patients the confidence in their surgeon, surgical and nursing teams and hospital "Center of Excellence" with standards and outcomes that compare to the finest healthcare systems in America today.{} We should, as patients and doctors, expect no less than that." Brett McKee,{} James Island"During each of my stays at East Cooper, the staff members have been encouraging and supportive of the goals I set for myself.{} After each surgery, I pushed myself and set high standards for my recovery.{} The nurses and staff at East Cooper were there for me, every step of the way." Lillian Pinckney, James Island

The team at Charleston Breast Center took away all my fears.{} They completely put me at ease, telling me every move they were going to make throughout my mammos and biopsy.{} This may sound strange, but the experience was heavenly.{} That's the best way I can describe it.As I waited for my results, I knew that because of the team at Charleston Breast Center, I would be okay.{} I will be back, and I won't be afraid." Richard H. Foss

After an initial consultation, an extensive treatment plan was instituted utilizing hyperbaric dives and comprehensive wound care. {}I was fortunate to be in the care of a team of doctors, wound care nurses and hyperbaric and patient care technicians who treated me in an atmosphere of warmth, care and concern. {}I felt as if they were one big family whose goal was to heal my wound.{} Thanks to all of you for a job well done."

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