Hearing reveals text message confession by Kronsberg

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) In a courtroom Wednesday morning there were looks of disbelief as the details of 29-year-old Tasha Lucia's death were described by Charleston City detective R.J. Holmes.

"He strangled her. He said after he strangled her, he was in the room and apparently he heard her gasping for air, at which time he went to the kitchen. He got a large butcher knife and he came back and stabbed her multiple times," Holmes testified.

Robert{}Tilghman Kronsberg, 30, known to friends as{}Tilghman is charged with one count of murder and one count of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

"One female lifted the blanket and saw what appeared to be a knife protruding from the chest area of the victim, also a large amount of blood was found around the victim's face area," said Holmes. {}

The detective testified that it was two women who discovered the body. Lucia's friends went to the Encampment Court apartment looking for her after she was a no show at work.

"It was something in reference to sexual genitals or that started the entire argument between them," said Holmes.

The detective describes Kronsberg and Lucia's relationship as on again, off again. Kronsberg told police after covering Lucia's body he confessed the crime first to his friend.

"Tilghman had sent him a text message during the afternoon stating that he needed to talk to him because he had killed Tasha inside of the apartment," said Holmes.

Holmes said Kronsberg also left the apartment to talk in person to that same friend before attempting to take his own life using sleeping pills. Kronsberg's friend told police he did not want to be involved and that's why he did not call police after he got the text message.