Heitzler wins another term in Goose Creek

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- Goose Creek Mayor Michael Heitzler has won another terms as the city's mayor with 65 percent of the vote.{}

Berkeley County Voters Registration and Elections director Adam Hammons announced unofficial results Tuesday night. According to officials, Heitzler won 1,759 votes to challenger Jerry Tekac's 930 votes.{}

Tekac was Heitzler's first challenger in 16 years. He has served as mayor for 36 years.{}

Heitzler ran on a family-friendly platform and said businesses will come to Goose Creek when they're ready.

"We have a magnificent downtown laid out with infrastructure in place there. We simply have to let it happen," Heitzler said.

"One of the reasons why I moved here I liked the smallness of it. It's family. It's got a lot of things I want. So I'm kind of opposed to growing bigger," 30-year resident Joia Thompson said.

In contrast, Tekac campaigned to bring more commercial businesses to Goose Creek. He believed that was the best way to finance safety services for the city's growing population.

Heitzler acknowledged he still had obstacles to overcome in his next term.

"We have some money problems. We understand that. Goose Creek has always had money problems. And Goose Creek has always overcome those things," Heitzler said.

Officials said the election saw record turnout, with 2,689 people casting a mayoral ballot. Goose Creek has around 20,000 registered voters, Hammons said.

In Goose Creek City Council elections, Mark Phillips, Kimo Esary and Deborah Green-Fletcher won the three available seats.

Tekac declined to comment on camera but said via text message: "I appreciate the support of the residents and I look forward to representing them for the next two years."

Tekac is up for reelection on city council in two years.