High school implements security measures after gun incident

DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- Just three days after a woman was charged with attempted murder for pointing and shooting a gun outside of Ashley Hall School, another local school is taking action.

Bishop England High School on Daniel Island has implemented new security measures on their campus.

The changes include:

  • The installation of inside locks on every classroom door that will allow teachers to secure those doors from the inside. {}{}
  • Updating and installing video cameras in strategic locations around campus
  • Inviting police officers from the City of Charleston to come and go freely on campus on a daily basis, especially during lunch time.
  • The installation of automatic, computer-controlled door locks on exterior doors and on select interior doors.

In a letter sent to parents Wednesday, Principal Michael Bolchoz said that the changes mean "students and visiting parents will no longer be able to move freely about campus during class time."{}

Visitors to the school will have to buzzed in using a push button just outside the doors. The buzzer will let office staff know that a visitor needs to be let in. Once inside, visitors will have to show I.D. and sign in before being allowed to enter the rest of the campus.

"Students will not notice any changes while moving from class to class," said Bolchoz. "However, after each tardy bell, the campus will be secured. {}Students or visitors found outside our buildings after the campus has been secured will only be able to re-enter through the main doors to A building, located in the courtyard, where the office staff can "buzz" and check you back in."

Bolchoz also said that when school ends at 4 p.m., the campus will be secured. Students will only be allowed to stay if a faculty member or coach is with them.

"We are aware that this will present drastic change," said Bolchoz. "But we remind parents and students that this is being done to offer a safer (environment)."