'Hillbilly' couple hitched by outhouse, exchanged corncobs

April thinking twice about getting hitched

By Nikki

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV) Forget about your usual white wedding gown and tuxedo. On Saturday, one Berkeley County couple decided to stray from the traditional wedding.

Instead, April Martin, of Goose Creek, and Mark Shuler, of Jamestown, decided to get hitched 'redneck style' ya'll.

"Mark is a member of the Berkeley Shriners Club and is part of the club's hillbilly clan," said Martin. "So when he asked me to marry him, I figured what better way to celebrate than with a hillbilly wedding."

The country couple made quite the entrance, entertaining the many guests in attendance. Bridesmaids skipped down the aisle barefooted with their hair in pigtails. Dressed in overalls and wearing black hats, the groomsmen followed suit, some with shotguns in tow.

Groom and bride arrived in an old-timey flatbed truck, equipped with a couch in the back and speakers blasting bluegrass music. As Martin made her way down the aisle, pushed by two of her soon-to-be husband's buddies, the voices of 'would-be-suitors' hollered at the country girl one last time.

"Don't do it!" one shouted from the audience.

"There's still time to walk away," yelled another.

In front of an outhouse, the happy couple said their 'I do's' and read aloud their vows, generating plenty of giggles from those in attendance in the process.

"I, Mark, do take you, April, as my bride even though you and I know you ain't right. I reckon as long as you bring me my Bud Light things will be fine. I promise I will try to eat your cooking as long as you don't make me look at it first," said Shuler.

Martin then followed up with her own funny vows, all of it in good fun.

"I, April, take you, Mark, to be my husband even though you and I both know you ain't got a lick of sense, but I reckon I'll survive as long as you remember to bring me my Dr. Peppers. I promise to love you no matter how many of your friends get drunk, pass out in the yard, the truck, wherever, but I'll try to make sure they get home," said Martin. "I may or may not always bring you your Bud Light, but never doubt I love you."

Rather than exchange wedding rings, the couple exchanged corncobs, symbolizing their eternal country love for one another. April and Mark met about five years ago while she was working as a meter reader in Berkeley County.

"A lady that I knew said she had a guy for me to meet and that's what I got. We actually talked on the phone for about three weeks before we ever met," said Martin.

But she says it wasn't long for her to figure out that he was the one she was going to spend the rest of her life with.

"He's the only man that's ever asked me if he could give me a good night kiss, so I knew from then he was special," said Martin. "He's goofy just like me. We have a lot of fun. We can just be ourselves."

As for Mark, the fact that she drives him crazy is where the attraction seems to lie.

"Everything she does gets on my nerves, but I love her," he joked. "She was a bit of a change from what I was used to. She's very outgoing and loud but I like it."

And just like their wedding, don't expect their honeymoon to be fancy either. After all, April and Martin are simple folks from Berkeley County.

"We have a honeymoon suite on wheels and we're going to the lake!" laughed Martin.

After that, the couple plans to make their home deep in the woods of Jamestown, driving one another crazy -- 'til death do they part.

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